Disneyland Paris: Magic That’s Closer to Home

In this enchanting episode of The Travel Podcast, join host Hayley Sparkes as she welcomes Mickey Mouse expert Amy-Louise back for an extra helping of Disney magic—this time in Paris!

Embark on a journey to discover why Disneyland Paris is the ultimate destination for Brits seeking to immerse themselves in the magic of Disney. 

Gain exclusive insider tips from Amy-Louise, a true Disney aficionado, on everything from the best attractions like Space Mountain and the Finding Nemo ride to must-try snacks and meals and unforgettable interactions with beloved Disney characters.

You'll also get the scoop on the best parades and fireworks displays and top recommendations for Disney hotels. You'll also hear invaluable advice on navigating the parks like a pro and how to get there, whether you're flying, driving, or taking the Eurostar.

Tune in for more magic now!

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