Active Travel Hacks with Ashley Alex

Join Emirates cabin crew turned travel blogger and fitness enthusiast Ashley Alex as she shares her secrets to staying active and healthy while exploring the globe.

In this episode, Hayley chats with Ashley about how she maintains her fitness routine no matter where her travels take her. Discover Ashley's top tips for incorporating exercise into your holiday, whether hiking, cycling or simply opting for a leisurely stroll instead of a taxi ride.

Learn how Ashley's passion for fitness influences her travel choices, leading to perfect holiday harmony between mind, body, and soul. From packing the right gear and finding the perfect fitness tours and activities for you to expert flying tips from her time working with Emirates airline, Ashley's insights will inspire you to break a sweat (in the best way possible!) and embrace a new, healthier approach to your holidays.

Tune in to this episode of The Travel Podcast to discover Ashley Alex's wisdom to working out worldwide!

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