Holiday Prep Checklist

Holiday Prep Essentials

As we geared up for our trip to Rome and Sorrento, we were looking for a checklist to make sure we didn't forget anything, If you're seeking a stress-free holiday prep experience for your next destination consider these essential tips:

  • Holiday Documentation: Ensure you have all necessary documents in order – passport (valid), travel insurance, tickets, flight and hotel details, transfer arrangements, airport transportation, and excursion tickets.
  • Travel Insurance: Prioritise securing comprehensive travel insurance to safeguard against unforeseen circumstances, such as cancellations or emergencies. Verify coverage details, especially if provided through bank accounts.
  • Jabs and Visas: Research and fulfil any vaccination or visa requirements for your destination.
  • Pets/Kids Sitting: Arrange care for your furry friends or children well in advance, notifying caregivers of your travel plans.
  • Medication: Pack an ample supply of any prescribed medication, including extra for the return journey.
  • Packing List: Compile a detailed packing list to ensure nothing essential is overlooked.
  • Cancel Deliveries: Suspend regular deliveries and scheduled services during your absence.
  • Mobile Phone: Familiarise yourself with roaming guidelines to use your phone abroad.
  • Bank: Notify your bank of your travel plans to avoid card usage issues.
Colosseum Colosseum in Rome

The Finer Details

  • Water Plants: Attend to your plants or garden before departure to prevent dehydration.
  • Clean Fridge: Empty and clean out your fridge to avoid returning to spoiled food.
  • Heating: Adjust heating settings to conserve energy while you're away.n
  • Tidy Up and Lock Up: Ensure your home is secure by tidying up, washing dishes, and checking for any overlooked appliances.
  • Travelling with Babies/Kids: Check luggage allowances, pack necessary supplies like milk, and prepare entertainment for the journey. Consider surprising them with plane games or magazines and comforting items from home.
  • Music: Set the mood for your trip by downloading music relevant to your destination. There's nothing like a bit of Black Lace's "Viva Espana" if you're off to Sunny Spain! 🇪🇸
  • Self-Care: Treat yourself to a pre-holiday haircut, manicure/pedicure, or tan to feel your best.
  • Don't Forget Your Toothbrush!

Remember, if you need assistance planning your next getaway, please get in touch. We'd love to help.

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